Opening hours today

Campusravita 10.30-14.00
DeliSalad -
Veggie/Vegan -
CampusGrill -
Campus Cafe -
Deli Cafe 8.00-15.00
Campus Shop Avataan jälleen 16.8.

Restaurants and cafés

At Campusravita’s student and staff restaurants you can choose your lunch from various alternatives including vegetarian and soup options as well as salad portions. We also take care of special diets.

Lunch is served at 10.30-17.30.

Lunch includes:

  • main course
  • beverage
  • bread and spread
  • salad buffet

From 1.8. onwards price of the lunch is 3,00€ for students (Tamko members 2,85€), for staff 6,35€ (6,20€ with value card) and for visitors 8,30€.

Diverse café services as well as warm sandwiches are available all day during the opening hours. Please notice that there might be a small difference about the food options regarding to previously announced.

You can also buy lunch dishes to go, please ask our staff for more information!

We also serve breakfast on weekdays at 7.45-9.15 at line B5.
Breakfast includes:

  • Porridge
  • Bread roll
  • Fresh bites
  • Juice
  • Coffee/ tea
  • Price: 2,60€/ 3,00€

Cheese, cold cuts, eggs and other extra products can be bought separately.

VALUECARD – coming at october 2020

You can load value on student or staff value cards 10,20,40 or 60€ at Campusravita’s (Kuntokatu 3) Campus Food, Campus Café or Campus Shop.

You can pay all your purchases with loaded value- or student card at Campusravita. When paying with value card you’ll get discount on basic lunch, coffee and tea.

Please note that the money loaded on the value or student card cannot be returned. The value loaded on the card is like cash: if the card gets lost or breaks, loadings will also disappear with the card. Please take very good care of your card! And also remember to save the card’s serial number in case of a possible technical fault.