Opening hours today

Campusravita 10.30-13.00
DeliSalad -
Veggie/Vegan -
CampusGrill -
Campus Cafe -
Deli Cafe 8.30-14.00
Campus Shop -



G Gluten free
K Vegetarian
L Lactose free
M Milkless
P Contains nuts
VE Vegan
VL Low lactose
Complies with nutrition values for universities
B1, G2, HK… Letter/number abbreviation behind the food headline defines the line where food is served

Campusravita Oy – enjoying studies

We provide restaurant and caféteria services for students, staff as well as visitors outside campus. Our company also arranges catering services for any events, seminars, meetings or parties held at the TAMK Campus area at Kuntokatu 3. We also sell food- and bakery products for you to take home to.

Our restaurant is located in Kuntokatu 3,and it is open at 8-19.00 on weekdays, lunch is served at 10.30-15.00. Campus Café is open from monday to thursday at 8-16.30 and on fridays at 8-15.00. Bread lunch is available at Cafe mon-fri 10.30-13.

Supper is served at 15-17.30. Outside of the lunch hours the cafés are serving you,line number 7 at building B is open the whole day. Beside lunch we serve breakfast at our restaurants line B5 at 7.45-9.15.

On saturdays our restaurant is open at 8.30-14.00, at building B on lines 4 and 5. Lunch is served at 10.30-13.00. You can find our menus at or from TAMK’s intra.

We also have a bookstore, Campus Shop, where you can purchase all necessary school supplies from calculators to lab coats. You can also charge your student card and TKL buscard in our shop. Shop is open from monday to thursday at 9-16.00 and on fridays 9-15.00.

Stop by and enjoy – we are here for you!